I narrated the audiobook edition of Max James’ autobiography.

The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce is Max James’ story of his own life experiences, both funny and heart-wrenching, that taught him lasting life lessons about relationships, personal fulfillment, and success in business.

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I recorded the audiobook version of former Seahawks training coach Chris Carlisle’s self-help book.

Chris Carlisle, former Super Bowl Champion Performance Coach, has written a book that blazes a clear path from where you presently are to where you expect to be.

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I narrated the audiobook edition of David Higgins’ nonprofit guide.

The prior landscape of fundraising has been razed by pandemic, political, and cultural shifts. As a result, non-profits must adapt their approach to suit the modern paradigm so that they may flourish like never before. Demystifying Fundraising Funnels presents non-profits with ideas, strategy, and, most importantly, hope.

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