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Specificism: An atrocity!

Specificism: I am coining this as a new category of socially-inacceptable language for 2024. I think it’s high time for us to shine light on an overlooked bias. What is specificism, you may ask? The use of definite articles, i.e., those the British Council defines as being “ in front of a noun when we […]


I played John, the father of the love interest, in the indie thriller Menace, written and directed by Thomas Hernandez. A young con man establishes a relationship with a girl just to learn where she keeps her families heirloom.

Babs’ Bouquets

I played Clint, a grieving florist shop patron single-handedly keeping the business afloat. – Northwest Film Forum ACTION! 2023. A wealth widower’s promises to his deceased wife keeps a local floral shop afloat. But when he finds a new love, the two owners scheme up a plot to keep his business.

The Harder I Fall… (Audiobook narration)

I narrated the audiobook edition of Max James’ autobiography. The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce is Max James’ story of his own life experiences, both funny and heart-wrenching, that taught him lasting life lessons about relationships, personal fulfillment, and success in business.

23 Short Films About the End of the World

I played a bunker-ensconced prepper gloating over his secure little concrete hovel while enjoying a case of global schadenfreude. Christen Kimbell’s fourth-wall-breaking, rule-defying collection of vignettes, monologues, short films and jokes about the end of everything.

The Filthy Folio

Won the “Background” category in the 2022 Shakespeare Oxford Fellowhip video contest. The Filthy Folio: Spice up the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s dusty old volume!

Behind the Mask of William Shakespeare

My Pandemic Project: A new translation of Abel Lefranc’s Sous le Masque de William Shakespeare, originally published in 1918-1919. If you’re going to be quarantined at home for 18 months, why not translate a century-old French academic work? Unencumbered by the national pride and tradition that had encouraged British academics to ascribe the greatest literary […]

Move Or Die (Audiobook narration)

I recorded the audiobook version of former Seahawks training coach Chris Carlisle’s self-help book. Chris Carlisle, former Super Bowl Champion Performance Coach, has written a book that blazes a clear path from where you presently are to where you expect to be.