Camping with Henry and Tom

I portrayed President Warren G. Harding, Mr. Teapot Dome himself! – Taproot Theatre – 2018

Inspired by a real event – three titans of history find themselves stranded in the woods while on a camping trip in Maryland.

Fact and fiction collide for Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and President Warren G. Harding as they try to kill time without killing each other in this comedic and dramatic lash of wits and wills.

Camping with Henry and Tom

David Pichette, Frank Lawler and Rob Burgess

“The brilliant cast includes David Pichette as Ford, Rob Burgess as Edison, Frank Lawler as Harding and Kevin Pitman as Colonel Edmund Starling.”

“David Pichette as the tartly verbose Ford, Frank Lawler as the boyishly but also crookedly endearing Harding and Rob Burgess, amusingly genial and wry as the avuncular Edison.” Seattle Gay Scene

Lawler subtly weaves pathos and weakness into Harding” – Miryam’s Theater Musings

About The Artists - Lady Windermere's Fan - Taproot 2018

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