Last Days of the Tsars

My first foray into immersive theatre was astounding.  I suspect this is the future of theatre.

Set within the glittering, gilded final days of the Russian Empire, audiences witnessed the unraveling of the Romanov dynasty, surrounded by royals, nobles, soldiers, and servants.

Witness Immersive, a NYC-based theatre company, staged its largest production to date at the Stimson-Green Mansion in Seattle. I played Tsar Nicholas II in an experience that compressed the last 15 years of the Romanov dynasty into a single evening.

  • “Excellent and memorable … Last Days of the Tsars is filled with death, resurrection, haunting and revenge, making a potent mix with an audience who also seems to be haunting the house.” —No Proscenium
  • “Don’t miss.” —The Stranger
  • “Handsomely produced … clamber with fellow patrons up and down stairs, from majestic dining room to well-appointed library, bedroom to basement, all while leaning in to catch what the doomed Romanovs and their conspiring enemies are up to.” —Crosscut

Sadly, the COVID pandemic caused us to close earlier than expected, right after we’d started selling into a three-week extension.

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