Behind the Mask of William Shakespeare

Behind the Mask of William Shakespeare cover

My Pandemic Project: A new translation of Abel Lefranc’s Sous le Masque de William Shakespeare, originally published in 1918-1919. If you’re going to be quarantined at home for 18 months, why not translate a century-old French academic work?

Unencumbered by the national pride and tradition that had encouraged British academics to ascribe the greatest literary works of humankind to the secular saint of Stratford-upon-Avon, Abel Lefranc’s refreshing perspective and analysis still resonate one hundred years later.

This new edition (2022) incorporates recent scholarship on the authorship question and corrects transcription errors introduced during its wartime composition, the latter being an astounding, multi-year project which involved correspondence across the Channel even as exploding shells could be heard from the outskirts of Paris.

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