Holiday of Errors (playscript)

Our Yuletide hit was published by Stage Rights, a subsidiary of Broadway Licensing.

It’s nearly Christmas, and Will Shakespeare, haunted by writer’s block and the ghost of Christopher Marlowe, has 12 days to create the perfect holiday play for Her Majesty the Queen. With the deadline looming, we’re treated to mistaken identity, a love triangle, and plenty of sexual innuendo as a rousing band of misfit thespians stop at nothing to ensure the show will go on!


  • “Another palpable hit for Sound Theatre Company as well as a charming addition to the holiday show genre. Everyone tries to create the holiday alternative show and Lawler and Flint have come up with one that has the potential to become a staple, not just here but all over the country.
    –Jay Irwin,
  • “Holiday of Errors (or, Much Ado About Stockings) is [a new] star in Seattle’s holiday-theater constellation.” –Brendan Kiley, The Stranger
  • “…Often ingenious… packed with antic wordplay, both nimble and groansome… Holiday of Errors has a license to exaggerate and turn anything topsy-turvy for a laugh.”
    –Misha Berson, The Seattle Times
  • “A Christmas theatrical comedy that is often genius.”
    –Miryam Gordon, Seattle Gay News
  • “A hilarious, fresh and intelligent mash-up of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Richard III mixed in with desperate doses of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. **** [Four out of Five Stars]”
    –Jerry Kraft,
  • “Double entendres, slippery syllables, rapid-fire wordplay, and sly jokes! If you are a fan of any or all of these, if you like Shakespeare, then Holiday for Errors is for you.”
    –Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage/Seattle Rage
  • “Sound Theatre Company saves theater in this Shakespearean Christmas romp. In the new comedy from Frank Lawler and Daniel Flint, Holiday of Errors… delivers the naughty in this smorgasbord of holiday fun.”
    –A.B. Smith, Drama in the Hood

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