Lady Windermere’s Fan

I portrayed Dumby as Dumbyishly as I could, dash it all. This upper class sort of Victorian life is so tedious, is it not?  – Taproot Theatre – 2018

Frank Lawler (Mr. Dumby), Nolan Palmer (Lord Augusts “Tuppy” Lorton), and Conner Neddersen (Mr. Cecile Graham) also provide comedic breaks to the show. Their delivery of witty one-liners and carefully raised eyebrows allowed a bit of levity just as the show was reaching its apex of tension. – Broadway World

Lady Windermere’s Fan, from 1891, was Oscar Wilde’s first comedy—combining marital and maternal secrets, delayed revelations, and fragrantly arch one-liners according to a recipe he later perfected in An Ideal Husband, then sent up in The Importance of Being Earnest. – Seattle Weekly

About The Artists - Lady Windermere's Fan - Taproot 2018

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